Welcome To Le Relays Du Chasteau

Set in a beautiful valley by the tarn river, our property in one of the most friendlies hotel in Aveyron.
We offer a good value for your Aveyron accommodation with stunning regional view and great local dining experience.


Stay our


The 2 star hotel has been running for 5 generations with its rich history in service.

This is a perfect base to escape into the green in southern France. Each room is rewarded with a direct view to the castle of Brousse and the Alrance stream.



Our chef Philippe Senegas offers you a wide
range of dishes which are the signature of Aveyron cuisine.

You`ll have chance to explore the traditional French foods
reflecting through our well-known dishes like: foie gras,
charcuteries, etc…



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Travelling Jan

“ This is an amazing spot in an incredibly unique village and it was made more special by the view from our window of the chateau, especially at night when it’s lit up! We could park right in front and enjoy walking around the village and up to the chateau “

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“ The area is quite unique in France on the Tarn River. Away from the « gorges », this is much more relaxing with this great feeling to be at then “end of the World” and away from everything “

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“ Our last destination to walk to on our first walking holiday. We received a good welcome even though we turned up not looking our best. We were given a bigger room than expecting which was nice. Spectacular location great views from our room “